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From "Antonio Gallardo" <>
Subject Re: [proposal] smaller root sitemap
Date Tue, 23 Nov 2004 20:31:43 GMT

What about a sitemap.xconf? One in the root application directory and "if
needed" others sitemap.xconf as we have subsitemaps.

The idea of a cocoon.xconf that will address this is "scary" to me,
because user can get easily confused.


Best Regards,

Antonio Gallardo

Ralph Goers dijo:
> While I agree that having a 40Kb sitemap is a bit much, I think you are
> attacking the wrong problem.  If you look at the default sitemap (i.e. the
> one built with the default properties), the first 700+ lines are
> configuration and only the last 180 are pipeline definitions.  To be
> honest, its never been clear to me why configuration of generators,
> actions, etc. occurs in the sitemap as opposed to cocoon.xconf.
> My main point is that the default sitemap doesn't contain a whole heck of
> a lot in the way of pipelines.  IMO there isn't enough there to scare
> anybody.  What is scary is the size of the configuration in the default
> sitemap.  But frankly, I just set the properties for the blocks I want,
> use Xpatch to remove the couple of pipelines that I don't want and then I
> just use the default sitemap without actually looking at it.
> Given that, what does moving it from the webapp directory to WEB-INF
> actually accomplish?   You still need all those definitions to get the
> sample site to run.  Where would they go?  And users who are used to
> having them automatically configured might be a little upset if they
> suddenly have to put them in their sitemaps.
> Frankly, I'd rather see a cocoon.xconf in every directory that has a
> sitemap.xmap. The sitemap would only have the pipelines.  Cocoon.xconf
> would have the generators, actions, etc. + stuff that should be configured
> only when a sitemap is entered for the first time.
> Ralph
> Stefano Mazzocchi said:
>> I think having a 40Kb sitemap for a just a few pipelines scares people
>> way and makes the learning curve steeper.
>> here is my proposal for Cocoon 2.2:
>>   1) move the current webapp/sitemap.xmap into
>> webapp/WEB-INF/sitemap.xmap
>>   2) make the sitemaps inherit from that one instead than from root
>>   3) obviously, in case webapp/WEB-INF/sitemap.xmap is missing, fall
>> back into the root one (for back compatibility)
>> The result is that you can have a sitemap as simple a single pipeline
>> definition and it's much easier for people to just attack and modify
>> without being scared away by the complexity of the whole thing.
>> Thoughts?
>> --
>> Stefano.

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