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From Jonas Ekstedt <>
Subject Re: [Design] JXTG 2.0
Date Fri, 26 Nov 2004 22:23:53 GMT
On Fri, 2004-11-26 at 22:23 +0100, Leszek Gawron wrote:
> > A difference with SaxBuffer is that SaxBuffer stores separate objects
> > for open and close event (eg startElement/endElement). The reason for
> > doing it this way is that it is now much easier to play parts of the
> > buffer. Eg if we want to play the body of the root element we know that
> > we should invoke the tokens between bodyStart and end (ie 1 to 7
> > inclusive)
> Can you differentiate <item></item> and <item/> in your implementation?

Not sure, it depends on whether SAX can differentiate between the two.


> > * I would really appreciate comments on exception handling as I don't
> > really know what is considered best practices.
> Which exceptions are you talking about?

I meant comments about how the exception handling could be refined in
the implementation. In order to make the code simpler to read my
strategy so far has been to either rethrow exceptions as
RuntimeException or declare that methods throws Exception just to make
the problem go away. However for a real implementation this could
perhaps be done better.

> One more thing: ScriptCompiler should store locator info for every tag 
> so if the compilation error or runtime error gets thrown user can be 
> informed of the exact place where problem occured.

I'll look into that.

Cheers Jonas

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