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From Luca Garulli <>
Subject Re: Daisy as CMS: why don't use JDO?
Date Thu, 14 Oct 2004 15:00:41 GMT
> Luca,
> as we can infer from your signature, you are not exactly the most
> neutral person to judge about this particular technology JDO.

I didn't want to judge JDO, I can tell about JDO technology and how it
can fit inside Daisy to improve this product. Period.

>  > Sorry but I didn't want to start a flame..
> Get real.

> There are a "million" standards for data access and one pretends to be
> the last solution for the portability project. First was SQL, then ODBC,
> then JDBC, then ODMG, now JDO.
> Let me tell you something: look around. look at the cocoon codebase. we
> use what we need, not because it's standard, but because it fits our
> needs. And went the "standard" doesn't, we implement our own, or we tune
> it down for our needs.

You said: "we use what we need, not because it's standard, but because
it fits our needs"

So why JDO doens't fit your need? Until now I never heard a technical reason to
NOT use JDO!

> People, on the other hand, how *STUPID* it is to fight about technology,
> eh? Luca wants to use JDO, great, let him be happy with it.
> Luca, why daisy doesn't use JDO? because it doesn't. period. no much
> more to add.
> You want daisy to use JDO? submit code instead of evangelizing.

I didn't want to evangelize anyone. Just to launch a proposal that
seems interesting to me. Period. Instead I heard many people to warm up a
> Stefano, who's sick of standard evangelization big time!

But XML is a standard? :-D

Luca Garulli
(the light ODBMS, all in one JDO solution)

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