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From Andreas Hartmann <>
Subject Re: ECM++
Date Thu, 21 Oct 2004 08:19:42 GMT
Carsten Ziegeler wrote:
> Andreas Hartmann wrote:


>>Assumed we start development with Cocoon 2.1.* now, would 
>>this mean that we will release against the 2.1 branch? It 
>>looks like Cocoon 2.2 will really be quite different, so it 
>>will probably be hard to upgrade Lenya. Will the 2.1 branch 
>>still be supported and maintained in one year?
> Yes, I definitly think so - there are many installations of 2.1.x
> out there that have to be supported.
> Now, 2.2 will be different from 2.1.x in some aspects but it
> will be as compatible as possible, which means (in theory at least)
> switching from 2.1.x to 2.2 should be fairly easy - recompile
> and that's it. Some internals will change and some deprecated things
> will go away - so if you're happen to use them, you have to change
> your code, but again this should be really simple.

OK, this kind of reassures me. My major intention for switching
to Cocoon 2.2 were that

- Lenya 1.4 will not depend on an "outdated" Cocoon version when
   it finally is released

- we could benefit from the latest concepts and components

- the Cocoon community might react to our wishes and needs
   and allow us to influence the development (of course this is
   just a random thought)

These issues are certainly not that important if the overall
functionality of Cocoon 2.2 won't be that much different from 2.1.

We want to get rid of using deprecated Cocoon code nevertheless,
so IIUC upgrading to 2.2 will probably be possible later on.

BTW, is there a policy about cross-posting, e.g. to lenya-dev?

-- Andreas

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