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From oceatoon <>
Subject Re: CForms :Advise on a new widget structure before going further
Date Sun, 03 Oct 2004 18:53:37 GMT
Merci Sylvain,

> These are:
> - the javascript binding, where you can do whatever you want with the
> widget and bound data. Back in june (after 2.1.5), I added a
> <fb:child-bindings> to the js binding to allow the container structure
> to be handled by the js code and delegate binding of elements to unary
> bindings such as <fb:value>.
Are there any documents about <fb:child-bindings>, I have googlised it and
wiki-searched it but haven't found any links to this ? 

> - the widget (including form) attributes, allowing to pass arbitrary
> data between flowscript and the various js snippets in the form
> definition, without relying on some global variables that would break
> the context isolation of continuations.
> So you could store your selection list (or a collection representing it)
> and use it in a js binding on the repeater.

This was my first attempt: mapping my repeater on the selection-list. but my
problem was about internationalisation, I managed to map my repeater on the
selectionlist files content, but internationalisation wasn't made?
because widget.setValue() won't take a Node as parameter, and as a String
the i18n:text tag aren't tranformed :(
 (even though my pipeline ends with the right transformation)

Passing the selection-list as an attribute from the widget definition sounds
good, is there any documentation about this?

Thanks a lot for the help

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