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From oceatoon <>
Subject CForms :Advise on a new widget structure before going further
Date Sat, 02 Oct 2004 16:25:01 GMT

I rather ask some advice before moving on.
I am reading through all the existent post and wiki's about creating new
widgets, also looked through Tim's GUI New, Class, Union, Struct way of
doing things, to try and sort out a way of creating a widget that maps on
an extenal selection list, and where every generated "input" or widget
would be connected a text area. 
(For example, having checkbox | label | text, as many times as I have items
in the selection list)

I can only see a general view but have trouble deciding which way to go, I'd
really appreciate some guidance. 

could be for example, 
a repeater , which maps on a selection list, so I would have to implement
this, is it a possibility?

or a multifieldvalue widget mapped on a selection list, where every element
is connected to a text area, can this be done in a custom bind? 

or as Tim's example of GUI, perhaps use the struct or union but I haven't
exactly understood if this was possible?? 

Greatfull of any help on this 

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