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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject Re: [RT] Some notes about the "Real Blocks" issue
Date Sat, 16 Oct 2004 09:44:24 GMT
Le 16 oct. 04, à 11:14, Guido Casper a écrit :
> ...for a start it would be the easiest to just drop in 
> spring-core.jar. But we would have to make sure, that this cannot be 
> interpreted as an invitation to introduce other dependencies....

Dependencies on Spring in the Cocoon core are certainly not a good 
idea, OTOH at the *application level* it can be very useful to take 
advantage of Spring's other features, as Ugo nicely shows in his GT 

I haven't followed all details in this thread, but I'd like to say 
that, IMHO (and I think there was consensus on this at the GT), looking 
at the container problem at two different levels (Cocoon core and 
applications levels) is a big plus.

Minimizing dependencies on external libraries in the core is a good 
thing, and letting application developers use a powerful and well 
documented components/enterprise patterns/whatever system like Spring, 
without having to know too much about Cocoon internals, might help the 
acceptance and usability of Cocoon a lot.

Of course this is already possible today, but making it the mainstream 
way of doing things would be, again IMHO, a very appropriate message to 
our users.

Just my two local money small coins.

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