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From Pier Fumagalli <>
Subject Re: problems starting 2.1.6-dev
Date Mon, 18 Oct 2004 18:02:42 GMT
On 17 Oct 2004, at 21:17, Ugo Cei wrote:

> Il giorno 17/ott/04, alle 15:45, Pier Fumagalli ha scritto:
>> The code can't be licensed using the Apache License 2.0. It's LGPL as 
>> it "implements" certain LGPL Hibernate classes. That's the whole 
>> reason why we can't post it here...
> Do your classes really implement Hibernate interfaces or extend 
> Hibernate classes? Or do they just import them?

Implements... Otherwise I would have said "imports"...

> No one has ever demonstrated that doing an "import" on classes that 
> are under the LGPL obliges you to license your code under the (L)GPL.

As far as I can remember RMS mentioned something about it, and that's 
why JBoss had to actually explicitly change the LGPL in some parts...

> It even goes against the publicly stated intentions of the Hibernate 
> developers. I'd use the Apache license without fear in this case (as a 
> matter of fact, I do).

And as an ASF member, if what you written is (C) Apache Software 
Foundation, I'd not be sleeping quiet nights...


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