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Subject Questions to be answered for link request
Date Thu, 21 Oct 2004 21:56:48 GMT

I tend to enter the result of this discussion in Bugzilla, or maybe someone
takes over and puts it directly in the docs, we'll see. For now I just want
to do an inventory of questions we'd like to be answered in a link request.
Here's a proposal for the text, [[ my comments between brackets ]]:

How to get listed

If you do not find your site here, make sure you tell us. Please follow the
instructions below, or we will not be able to honor your request. 

- Create an entry in Bugzilla following these instructions:

[[which options to select?]]

- Enter a summary like this: [Link] NameOfYourSite

- In the comments, please answer the following questions:

URL of the website:
Cocoon version used:
Short summary of your site:

How can we verify this site is actually built with Cocoon?

How much time did it take to build the site from design to publish?

How many people were involved in the project?

How many page hits per [[ what's a reasonable unit here? ]] does the site

What made you choose Cocoon to build the site?

We would like to see this list grow bigger every day :-)

[[ we should fit in the line above, but it's in great contrast with the
first lines :-( ]]


Bye, Helma

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