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Subject RE: which events are fired when in repeater widget?
Date Tue, 19 Oct 2004 22:20:08 GMT
> Now that makes me think: what's the proportion of widgets 
> that have an <fd:on-value-changed> but don't have a <fi:styling 
> submit-on-change="true"/>? 
> I have the feeling that most of the time 
> adding a server-side listener implies we also want an 
> automatic submit when the widget's value changes.

The only situation I can think of is that you don't want a submit because it
would involve heavy actions on the server side.

> So what about having submit-on-change="true" being implicit 
> when there's 
> a server-side event listener on a widget? That will require 
> less typing 
> in the template and avoid questions from confused users :-)

If the above situation will never happen, then this is a valid reason,
although I wonder if this should be more explicitly mentioned. 

Bye, Helma

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