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From Ugo Cei <>
Subject Re: [RT] Some notes about the "Real Blocks" issue
Date Fri, 15 Oct 2004 06:24:14 GMT
Il giorno 13/ott/04, alle 18:59, Ugo Cei ha scritto:

>     - [ ] Geronimo/JMX?
>               This thread:
>               might provide some suggestions re the
>               implementation of the kernel.

I just came upon this interview with Aslak Hellesoy on The Server Side  
textFull.html>. It was published a few days ago but I hadn't seen it  
yet. I'll paste a brief quote:

"[The Geronimo developers] have been thinking about this since they’ve  
been writing the thing, that if you think about Geronimo as the outer  
container, if you think of it as a bucket. They have a lot of goodies  
in that bucket, like connection pooling, transaction management,  
integration with messaging systems and all that. And if you think of  
that bucket in a classical J2EE container, in order to benefit from  
these things, you have to stick in something that looks like a J2EE  

What they are actually doing is, they are sticking a smaller bucket  
inside that, that sort of acts as a glue between Pico and Geronimo. So  
let us say I am writing this component that needs, for example, a  
connection pool. Now what I can do, I can write my class and I could  
say in constructor, I could say I want a connection pool. I can drop it  
inside Pico, which is inside Geronimo now, and Geronimo will give it  
the connection pool, so it is simple."

I find this is very similar to what we're trying to do with the new  
kernel. And it works with Spring as well as with Pico.

Now the question is: can a Cocoon block be a GBean? And if it can,  
should we either:

1. Borrow some ideas from Geronimo and do our own thing?
2. Borrow some code from Geronimo and adapt it to our needs?
3. Build a "lightweight" version of Geronimo (no J2EE stuff, just  
servlets) to use as our kernel?
4. None of the above?



Ugo Cei -

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