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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject Re: [RT] doco lite?
Date Wed, 27 Oct 2004 08:53:17 GMT
Le 26 oct. 04, à 23:36, Helma van der Linden a écrit :

> ...G4. Make submitting documentation a more straight forward process. 
> I haven't yet looked at the ins and outs of the xdocs, but I know from 
> the times I tried to find the documentation in the checked out tree 
> that I was unable to figure out how it worked...

Sure. If committers can quickly see online the results of a small patch 
to the docs (which my proposal allows), it will be much easier and 
motivating to apply such patches. Direct applying of patches by 
authorized users is another story, but this is a first step.

> ...However, we should also think about how to get the quality of the 
> documentation updated and how to encourage potential documentation 
> writers to actually sit down and produce the actual text...

On one hand I think much actual good text is here already, just buried 
too deep and not used enough to trigger the right itches to scratch.

Also, I think the overall felling for many of us currently is "the docs 
suck anyway so why bother" - I'm simplifying a bit, but until we're 
somewhat proud of our docs it might be harder to get the work going. 
Many thanks for your work towards this, it is really appreciated, but 
as you notice it's only very few people in our community who currently 
care enough about our docs to actually do something.

So I think implementing what I'm suggesting could help. Sorry that this 
is yet another discussions on docs tools without concrete actions, but 
as I said in my proposal the benefits seem big compared to the 
investement, so I think it is worth discussing.


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