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From Ugo Cei <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Upgrade HSQLDB to 1.7.2 in 2.1.6-dev
Date Thu, 28 Oct 2004 07:32:45 GMT
Il giorno 28/ott/04, alle 09:04, Antonio Gallardo ha scritto:

> Ugo Cei dijo:
>> I'd rather spend some time trying to integrate Apache Derby instead 
>> ;-)
> This was the planned next vote! ;-)
> Replace HSQLDB with Apache Derby or something like that. I still have 
> no
> idea and need to make a small research before.

Hey, I put a smiley in there! Now seriously, while I'd like to have 
Derby instead of HSQLDB, if only for reasons of promoting the Apache 
"brand", let's think about it for a while.

IMHO, we need to get away from the "everything but the kitchen sink" 
mentality that has been quite prevalent for a while. While I find it 
*very* nice to bundle a Servlet container and a DBMS with our 
distribution, so that you can be up&running after a simple " && servlet", we should make it very clear that those are only 
for demo (and maybe development) purposes. We do not distribute a 
platform that is supposed to cover all your web 
application-development-and-deployment needs, from the database to the 
browser. We distribute a platform that should fit nicely into a typical 
J2SE or J2EE environment where, most of the time, the servlet 
container, application server and DBMS have been already taken care of 
by someone else.

In this sense, "less is more" and I'd be probably be -1 on switching to 
Derby, on account of the fact that, by bundling a full-fetaured RDBMS, 
we will probably give the impression that we somehow endorse it as the 
recommended solution. Then people will starting asking suppport 
questions relevant to Derby on the users' list and so on. By bundling 
instead a simpler, less-capable DBMS, we make it very clear that it is 
only for the samples' sake.

Now, if we had real blocks, we could do a "Derby" block and people 
would download it only if they needed it, but that's another story.


Ugo Cei -

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