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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject [RT] doco lite?
Date Tue, 26 Oct 2004 18:46:36 GMT
Recent discussions here, along with David's "ASF-wide documentation 
staging and publishing" post to infrastructure@ made me think about 
this, in a "there must be an easier way" mood. I'm not ready to discuss 
this on  infrastructure@ though, it feels safer here ATM ;-)

The apparently realistic possibility of having a live instance of 
Cocoon could make it much easier to handle our docs and website, and 
unless I'm overlooking something important the concept described below 
seems really simple to implement. So I cannot refrain from sharing this 
idea, although I have no code to back it up yet...

G1. Generate our docs and website dynamically, directly from the SVN 
repository accessed over http
G2. Give access to older versions of the docs using standard SVN 
mechanisms (tags etc)
G3. Index the latest version of the docs, including structured fields 
(keywords, target audience, components mentioned, etc), to implement 
"prepared queries" (as links, simply) to improve our docs' 

T1. Get content from SVN, editing is considered a separate problem

T2. Build an index with Lucene, triggered via SVN post-commit hooks, 
uses a live Cocoon instance to generate an easy to index XML document 
for Lucene. Include metadata fields as mentioned in G2 above, generated 
from (enhanced as compared to now) document content

T3. Generate pages using a live Cocoon instance, maybe Forrest. SVN 
tags "pass through" the URLs to give access to older releases of the 

T4. Use queries like "find all documents which talk about sitemap 
matchers" to build navigation pages semi-automatically.

T5. Put mod_cache in front to minimize server load (HTTP POST can be 
used to invalidate pages if quick updates are needed to check edits).



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