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From "DURDINA Michal" <>
Subject [portal] handling portlet action request
Date Wed, 20 Oct 2004 10:22:36 GMT
I know this should be targeted more to cocoon-users but I believe this would be interesting
also for developers.

Two types of portlet requests are handled by CocoonPortlet in methods: 
	processAction(request, response)
	render(request, response). 

Speciallity of handling ACTION request is that it MUST NOT touch PortletOutputStream or set
content type in PortletResponse. This is the task for following render request that comes
from portlet container right after action request. 

In Cocoon both request types are handled very similar; by sitemap. As a result following excetptions
are thrown in action request:
	java.lang.IllegalStateException: Operation 'getOutputStream' is not supported by 'org.apache.cocoon.environment.portlet.ActionResponse'
	java.lang.IllegalStateException: Operation 'setContentType' is not supported by 'org.apache.cocoon.environment.portlet.ActionResponse'

I wonder how is it possible to create sitemap construction that does not touch outputstream
and content type of response at all.

Thank you for any ideas,

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