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From Tony Collen <>
Subject [RT] StringTemplate: The answer to our templating needs?
Date Fri, 29 Oct 2004 03:15:36 GMT
Well, I was too quick on the key presses, so here goes again.  Sorry for
the spam :)
"Brought to you by the maniac that brings you ANTLR!"

A while ago I was investigating different templating languages, and I
came across one called StringTemplate [1]

Of particular interest is the author's paper, "Enforcing Model-View
Separation in Template Engines" [2].  Please read it. It's interesting.

I don't consider myself a template or grammar/language parsing expert,
but this guy seems to have put a ton of thought into what makes a good
templating engine.  Specifically, his work seems grounded in some pretty
solid language parsing theory.

Another reason would be because of JXTemplateGenerator.  This generator 
is arguably one of the most popular combos to use with the "Power Trio" 
model of Cocoon development.  Unfortunately, the JXTG seemed to be a 
"one-man-show", and since that one man is gone, the likelihood of the 
generator getting "proper" maintenance decreases significantly. The code 
is also huge and scary (at least to me ;) ).

Additionally, the dual syntax for accessing things through JXPath and 
JEXL expressions has led to people, including myself, being confused as 
to when to use each syntax.  Seeing the mixed syntax is even worse.  IMO 
we need a *single*, easy-to-use syntax for this.

Therefore, I suggest that Cocoon needs a better, simple, minimalistic 
templating system that's not the JXTemplateGenerator.

Another good thing: StringTemplate is BSD license.

Of course, this is a "do-ocracy," but I lack some of the finer knowledge 
to "do" a StringTemplate generator.

Do we need a new, (standardized?) or possibly even *gasp* better 
templating system for Cocoon?  This is where I encourage people to dive 
in and give their own [RT]s and thoughts on the issue.



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