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From Vadim Gritsenko <>
Subject Re: svn commit: rev 55619 - in cocoon/branches/BRANCH_2_1_X/src: test/anteater webapp/samples/test/reader-mime-type
Date Wed, 27 Oct 2004 15:15:31 GMT
Unico Hommes wrote:
> Vadim Gritsenko wrote:
>> Unico Hommes wrote:
>>> Now only one release blocker remains: NPE in 
>>> AbstractEnvironment.release()
>> No, not exactly. As I see it, ResourceReader should return Source's 
>> mimeType in this particular case, as per:
>>     public String getMimeType() {
>>         Context ctx = ObjectModelHelper.getContext(objectModel);
>>         if (ctx != null) {
>>             final String mimeType = ctx.getMimeType(source);
>>             if (mimeType != null) {
>>                 return mimeType;
>>             }
>>         }
>>         return inputSource.getMimeType();
>>     }
>> But in this case, it was not able to get mime type of the 
>> SitemapSource. SitemapSource, in its turn, was retrieving mimeType 
>> from the environment:
>> 344:                this.mimeType = this.environment.getContentType();
>> But for some reason it is not there. I think that is the problem and 
>> it was a valid test case for this problem. Unless I am mistaken... If 
>> I'm not, we should revert the removal of test case.
> No don't say that! I thought we'd finally gotten rid it. :-(

Ooops. I'm sorry! :)

> You are right though. My conclusion that the test case was no longer 
> valid was premature. It used to be that SitemapSource would just return 
> hard-coded text/xml as its mime type.
> Anyway, the problem appears to be that the mime-type is only set on the 
> environment by the processing pipeline during actual processing whereas 
> at the time Reader.getMimeType is called the pipeline has only been 
> setup and prepared.
> Now I am wondering whether we can move setting the mime-type from the 
> processing stage to the preparation stage.

Probably we should, if possible.

> The reason it is currently 
> being done during processing is that in the case of the caching pipeline 
> the mime-type is held in the cached response and the retrieval of the 
> cached response is delayed until the processing stage in order to 
> optimize performance.

If mime-type is always set during pipeline setup, it will be not necessary to 
store it in the cached response at all. Moreover, current situation is flawed 
anyway: what about all the other headers? They are all lost on second request. 
If all headers are set during pipeline setup, we won't have the issue.

> Is it really neccessary or desirable to cache the mime-type?

See above.

> What 
> happens if the effective mime-type is from the  one from the reader 
> definition or the read node declaration (<map:reader class=".." 
> mime-type="text/xml"/> or <map:read src="somewhere" mime-type="text/xml" 
> />) From these examples it follows that the mime-type must be part of 
> the cache-key because if you were to change it in any of the attributes 
> above the previously cached contents should not be served.

Not if it set as described above.

> Btw. ResourceReader.getMimeType() method above looks a bit funny to me. 
> The mime-type mapping from the context has priority over the mime-type 
> of the individual source. Surely that should be the other way around?

There were some changes around mime type handling in 2.2...

ResourceReader implementation was not changed, though.


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