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From Frédéric Glorieux <>
Subject Cocoon read-only (ex: CD-ROM) add ${context-work} parameter to logkit.xconf from
Date Wed, 27 Oct 2004 00:43:09 GMT


For sysadmin, it may be important for the cocoon servlet to be totally 
read-only, even logs. I used to try to run a same cocoon in parallel in 
different servlet contexts (same JVM, same tomcat, different URIs). Logs 
were quite funny to read but a bit broken. For a fast patch, I added 2 
lines in ** to make cocoon write is logs in work.

line 774
         subcontext.put("servlet-context", this.servletContext);
         if (this.servletContextPath == null) {
             File logSCDir = new File(this.workDir, "log");
             if (logger.isWarnEnabled()) {
                 logger.warn("Setting servlet-context for LogKit to " +  	
             subcontext.put("context-root", logSCDir.toString());
+           subcontext.put("context-work", this.workDir);
         } else {
             subcontext.put("context-root", this.servletContextPath);
+           subcontext.put("context-work", this.workDir);

Same is easy to do with a log Target, Forrest gave us an example here
but this is a so little change ? I can't guess consequences in a so 
central class.

Frédéric Glorieux (ingénieur documentaire, AJLSM)

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