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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: Let's deprecate the PHP block
Date Tue, 26 Oct 2004 20:40:04 GMT
I'm trying really really really hard not to reply to this but I can't.

Frédéric Glorieux wrote:

> For computing, you are really incredible guys, but for politics, I'm 
> sorry to say that but you are "reinventing the wheel". Rules are not 
> "bureaucratic" but the only way to have a stable democracy, which is the 
> less unefficient governement (for long periods).

first: we are not doing politics, not establishing a government, nor we 
believe in democratic development metodologies.

second: I've been around open source long enough to know that rules are 
necessary, *BUT* I've also seeing people that love rules more than the 
reason why they exist. Rules are not made to create cages, but 
guidelines. Our philosophy follows the Postel principle for internet 
architectural design: "be strict in what you send, be flexible in what 
you receive".

third: if there is one thing that the ASF never did was to "reinvent the 
wheel" in the labor collaboration and management space. Several business 
schools of the major universities of the world are studying how we 
managed to achive what we achieved. Some of them believe this is some of 
the most innovative critique of existing labor cooperation since Marx.

forth: some of us spend a great amount of their life trying to come up 
with strategies that avoid the use of those rules, and understand how 
complex groups form and dissolve, how innovation happens and how 
community fractures can be avoided. When shit works well, like this 
project, it's easy to think it 'just happened' and much harder to see 
all the social work that made it possible, including allowing informal 
votes to happen and keeping rules to a bare minimum.

Now, go back and re-read my comments under this light.


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