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From Frédéric Glorieux <>
Subject Re: Let's deprecate the PHP block
Date Tue, 26 Oct 2004 20:07:22 GMT

>>>One trouble is that Cocoon does not yet have any
>>>project guidelines. Another trouble is that people
>>>seem to use the +1 thing even when a vote is not
>>>happening. The proposal phase for the discussion,
>>>then the vote phase for the decision, is an Apache
>>>way to get things done efficiently. We forget that.
>>Please, don't get over-bureaucratic. We've got governments for this (and yes, 
>>this CMM thingy as well).
> No, it is not bureaucratic. It is about efficiency.

Sorry to interfer in a debate in which I have no voice (in spite of my 
account). It's not about PHP block (even if I'm +1 on that), but I can't 
let alone David Crossley (I never met) with his common sense opinion. 
For computing, you are really incredible guys, but for politics, I'm 
sorry to say that but you are "reinventing the wheel". Rules are not 
"bureaucratic" but the only way to have a stable democracy, which is the 
less unefficient governement (for long periods).  This was only because 
I can't let a true assertion without any support, sorry for any trouble.

Frédéric Glorieux (ingénieur documentaire, AJLSM)

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