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From Upayavira>
Subject Re: [RT] doco lite?
Date Tue, 26 Oct 2004 19:20:21 GMT
Bertrand Delacretaz wrote:

> Recent discussions here, along with David's "ASF-wide documentation 
> staging and publishing" post to infrastructure@ made me think about 
> this, in a "there must be an easier way" mood. I'm not ready to 
> discuss this on  infrastructure@ though, it feels safer here ATM ;-)
> The apparently realistic possibility of having a live instance of 
> Cocoon could make it much easier to handle our docs and website, and 
> unless I'm overlooking something important the concept described below 
> seems really simple to implement. So I cannot refrain from sharing 
> this idea, although I have no code to back it up yet...
> G1. Generate our docs and website dynamically, directly from the SVN 
> repository accessed over http
> G2. Give access to older versions of the docs using standard SVN 
> mechanisms (tags etc)
> G3. Index the latest version of the docs, including structured fields 
> (keywords, target audience, components mentioned, etc), to implement 
> "prepared queries" (as links, simply) to improve our docs' accessibility
> T1. Get content from SVN, editing is considered a separate problem
> T2. Build an index with Lucene, triggered via SVN post-commit hooks, 
> uses a live Cocoon instance to generate an easy to index XML document 
> for Lucene. Include metadata fields as mentioned in G2 above, 
> generated from (enhanced as compared to now) document content
> T3. Generate pages using a live Cocoon instance, maybe Forrest. SVN 
> tags "pass through" the URLs to give access to older releases of the 
> docs.
> T4. Use queries like "find all documents which talk about sitemap 
> matchers" to build navigation pages semi-automatically.
> T5. Put mod_cache in front to minimize server load (HTTP POST can be 
> used to invalidate pages if quick updates are needed to check edits).

The thing you seem to have missed is the staging process. If I have 
written an xdoc, I want to see that as HTML, on a staging server, before 
I actually publish it. After all, the XML might not even be valid, or 
there might be mistakes. I need to be able to see the page on the site 
before I publish it.




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