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From Daniel Fagerstrom <>
Subject Re: Let's deprecate the PHP block
Date Tue, 26 Oct 2004 09:46:35 GMT
Tony Collen wrote:

> To my knowledge, the PHPGenerator hasn't worked for quite some time.  
> In all the time I've been working with Cocoon, I have never seen it 
> work correctly.
> However, I believe the problem is within the PHP Servlet itself, 
> which, if you do some research, tons of people have had problems with 
> it being FUBAR for ages.
> There are lots of messages from people looking to get it working on 
> the lists as well:
> cocoon-dev: 
> cocoon-users: 

> Here's a good example of recent attempt of using the PHP Servlet:
> It's my personal opinion that we'll never see a good PHP servlet, 
> especially since it's been "in beta" for a number of years.
> Let's deprecate the PHP block for the remainder of our 2.1.X releases 
> and then dump it in 2.2.  If people want to "use" PHP with Cocoon, the 
> best solution is to just use a FileGenerator and an http:// URL.
> Tony


Tried to get it to work a half a year ago and didn't succeed. I came to 
the same conclusion as you: that it would not be worthwhile to make it 
work and that using http:// is a better option.


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