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From Tony Collen <>
Subject Let's deprecate the PHP block
Date Tue, 26 Oct 2004 01:03:40 GMT
To my knowledge, the PHPGenerator hasn't worked for quite some time.  In 
all the time I've been working with Cocoon, I have never seen it work 

However, I believe the problem is within the PHP Servlet itself, which, 
if you do some research, tons of people have had problems with it being 
FUBAR for ages.

There are lots of messages from people looking to get it working on the 
lists as well:


Here's a good example of recent attempt of using the PHP Servlet:

It's my personal opinion that we'll never see a good PHP servlet, 
especially since it's been "in beta" for a number of years.

Let's deprecate the PHP block for the remainder of our 2.1.X releases 
and then dump it in 2.2.  If people want to "use" PHP with Cocoon, the 
best solution is to just use a FileGenerator and an http:// URL.


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