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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: Question about the best way to locate the path to WEB-INF
Date Thu, 21 Oct 2004 13:52:23 GMT
Butler, Mark H (Labs Bristol) wrote:

> Hi team,
> I need your advice on the best way to fix a problem when using Cocoon on
> Tomcat caused by DELI that I do not encounter when running Cocoon on
> Jetty. Therefore I would like your advice as solving the problem seems
> to require an understanding of the differences between servlet engines
> that I'm afraid I do not possess. Patrick Melo has reported this
> exception:
> Path
> \\server\share\webappname\webappname\WEB-INF/deli/config/deliConfig.xml
> does not start with a "/" character
> Path
> \\server\share\webappname\webappname\WEB-INF/deli/config/deliConfig.xml
> does not start with a "/" character

hmmm, it looks like a servlet container bug to me. Is the guy running 
this over an SMB remote disk? My guess would be that jetty normalizes 
the "/\" and maybe java doesn't complain there. Bah, I really don't 
know, your code looks fine to me.

Stefano, scratching head.

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