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From Guido Casper <>
Subject Re: [RT] Some notes about the "Real Blocks" issue
Date Sat, 16 Oct 2004 10:51:49 GMT
Bertrand Delacretaz wrote:
> Le 16 oct. 04, à 11:14, Guido Casper a écrit :
>> ...for a start it would be the easiest to just drop in 
>> spring-core.jar. But we would have to make sure, that this cannot be 
>> interpreted as an invitation to introduce other dependencies....
> Dependencies on Spring in the Cocoon core are certainly not a good idea,

Why not? Don't you like Spring's way of DI?

Just to be clear, I'm certainly not careless about this issue.
But you have to depend on something (call it container or whatever). A 
dependency on Spring wouldn't be the worst of Cocoon's SVN.

The only consensus reached so far (as far as the intra-block container 
is concerned IIUC) is the desire to loosen the dependencies on Avalon.

Stefano wants that we build our own container, whatever that might look 
like, and I completely understand that attitude.

However it's not mine and my statement that Spring's BeanFactory 
(whether that qualifies as a container or not) is trivial to 
re-implement does not mean it's effortless. And no matter how strong 
this community is, you will have a hard time making sure your 
implementation is as stable and as tested as Spring's.

Please don't be dogmatic about this. You have to depend on something! 
Just make sure you control your dependencies (the quality and the 
quantity of them) and they don't get out of control.

Even your firm belief in the strength of this community may bite you 
Please don't misunderstand this last statement, just to make my point clear.


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