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From JD Daniels>
Subject Quick Question regarding cocoon check out directory from svn and java 1.5
Date Sat, 16 Oct 2004 05:31:10 GMT
I am about to start building a new server for my new cocoon projects. I 
have  a few questions:

1.) I have started using SVN in my own projects and I really like it. 
but I am a little confused about about what version of cocoon supports 
java 1.5, and if that suport is available. Where is the main development 
going on? I see as my choices:

I was assuming that cocoon/trunk would always be the latest and 
greatest, but I have seen a few messages on this list implying that 
changes are being back ported to the 2.1.X branches ..... So which 
folder can I choose to just relax in the fact that when i update, I am 
using the latest and greatest? Is a 2.1.6, 2.1.7, etc planned before an 
official 2.2?

I have been using tomcat from day one to host cocoon, but have heard 
many good things about jetty. Would anyone like to voice their opinion 
on the best release of jetty to try out? Or even if I should stick with 
tomcat because of familiarity ( I am planning on upgrading to tomcat 5)



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