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From JD Daniels>
Subject Re: Daisy as CMS: why don't use JDO?
Date Fri, 15 Oct 2004 20:23:11 GMT
Luca Garulli wrote:

>By some responses in this thread I understand that they don't know JDO.
>Luca Garulli
>(the light ODBMS, all in one JDO solution)
This is the most unproductive thread I have ever seen on this list. I 
had to choose between an O/R mapping tool a while ago, and I made the 
decision based on discussions that took place on this list. Thank 
goodness this crap wasn't cluttering it up at the time.

Luca, do the same thing others did... when i had to choose, I downloaded 
a hibernate sample, and an ojb sample from the wiki. If you think JDO is 
the best thing since sliced bread, build something simple that uses it, 
and provide a sample with good comments. If  it is solid and useable, 
and you demonstrate that, people will use it. Nobody is going to use 
anything because someone flailed their arms, called them uneducated 
(don't tell us what we don't know) and say my way is better. Pay 
attention to your medium. cocoon doesn't provide O/R mapping. If you had 
posted "Hey I made a patch for this cocoon sample that uses JDO and I 
have all the good points highlighted", I would have gone and taken a 
look and maybe took some time to consider that solution for future 
projects. You current post however, elicted no more than a grumble and 
press of the delete button.

I have always considered this list to be mature, stable, and a great 
fountain of learning material. I hate seeing crap like this use up the 

Please let it rest and stop insulting people.


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