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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: [RT] subversion pre commit hook
Date Thu, 14 Oct 2004 13:18:52 GMT
> I too am concerned about the different granularity.
>>where is the problem?
>>do one commit without the magic
>>words and one with them. not
>>*all* changes have to go into
>>the status file.
> Would you please explain this. I don't get it.

ok :-)

You can commit as usual does not do anything
to the status.xml at all. But if the commit messages
starts with a specific word/header like:

fixes-bug: 2314


the parsing could be triggered. The parser
will extract the key-value pairs


and the message itself. This information will then
be inserted as a xml fragment into our status.xml.

But I am not sure how/if we can easily include
this change into the same commit transaction.
That's why I was hoping someone else has already
played with subversion commit hooks.

Since this does not seem to be the case I also
CCed infrastructure. Maybe someone over there

> I don't have trouble editing status.xml when needed
> but i am interested in your ideas. There are probably
> many occasions where each of us has forgotten to add
> an important entry to status.xml and so your solution
> might help.

I think it will help us a lot to keep the status file
up to data.


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