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From Reinhard Poetz <>
Subject Some information on Cocoon Block Deployer
Date Thu, 14 Oct 2004 07:28:11 GMT
Ugo Cei wrote:
> Folks,

>             - [ ] No downloading of blocks from repositories

Because of some discussions at Gent I think there are some people more having a 
wrong impression of what the Cocoon Block deployer (CBD) does. Expressed in 
simple terms it is a library that extracts the content of a COB file into the 
blocks directory of a Cocoon installation. BTW, Commons transaction, which 
provides filesystem transactions, works in my first tests really well!

As it is only a library, a client is needed that uses it. I want to provide an 
Ant task that can install a bunch of COBs. But in the future having something 
like a Eclipse wizard would be nice. For now the library is only used in unit tests.

Beside installing a COB file, the CBD is able to access COB libraries. For the 
time being I only support the file system but integrating something like a web 
service providing blocks should be very straight forward (only a new locator 
implementation within the CBD library is necessary). Anybody volunteering 
writing a Cocoon application that provides blocks via web services? (This should 
be very easy!!!)

Finally I want to say what the CBD is NOT:
- It's not an implementation of "real blocks". It's only about their installation.
- There is no direct interface between the block machinery in Cocoon and its 
deployment. If Cocoon finds a new block installed (extracted) in the block 
directory it uses it. So I was able to start with the CBD because it should work 
with any block solution we agree on. How the block.xml and wiring.xml finally 
look like, isn't important ATM.


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