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From JD Daniels>
Subject Re: rich clients in Flash with Cocoon?
Date Fri, 08 Oct 2004 17:00:42 GMT

I have been rolling this around in my head for the last few days. Here 
is some of my thoughts:

1.) Separation of concerns.. I am not sure that a cocoon component 
really needs to built... what is wrong with having an app with two 
contexts? ie:
which would get datsets etc from:
although I am of course noticing there is quite a bit of jar duplication 
between the two.

2.) CForms.. I have just gotten a grip on, and subsequently addicted to, 
cforms and flow with POJOs. Can the laszlo form objects be bound to 
widgets? ( I could just be dumb in this regard... insight is 
appreciated) Looks to me that to use cforms, we would have have to 
generate the app for each request.. to create repeaters and such.

I am not against anything at all... I am really weak on cocoon 
internals, but I am very excited by the idea of laszlo apps :)

Sylvain Wallez wrote:

> Hunsberger, Peter wrote:
>> Adam Ratcliffe <> writes:
>>> This sounded to me like they were using Cocoon as an XML data source 
>>> for binding to a Laszlo dataset requiring no integration of the 
>>> technologies.
>>> While a Laszlo serializer would certainly be interesting I imagine 
>>> that recompiling the SWF for each request would hurt performance.    
>> Don't think anyone is suggesting that you recompile a SWF for each
>> request.
>>> One of the key advantages I see in using RIA technologies like 
>>> Laszlo is that you get a continuous user interface without the need 
>>> to keep going back to the server to get new pages.  A precompiled 
>>> SWF calling back to Cocoon for XML data would seem to be able to do 
>>> that today.
>> We could in theory have a couple 100 different SWF's many of which are
>> slight variations on each other.  We'd generate the Laszlo source for
>> them from Cocoon, customized for each user as needed and then send the
>> resultant compiled SWF over to the client.  Those SWF would then hang
>> around on the client bouncing XML back and forth with Cocoon.
> Exactly.
> And the produced SWF data would be stored in the Cocoon cache, thus 
> avoiding recreating them from scratch each time a particular SWF is 
> requested. Just as we already do today with all other formats.
> Sylvain

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