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From Ralph Goers <>
Subject Re: Cocoon Portal Engine Tools
Date Thu, 07 Oct 2004 06:28:18 GMT
Have these been published yet?  We have some folks who would really like 
to see this.


Jens Maukisch wrote:

>As you all know, the new portal engine, while powerful in functionality has
>been somewhat :-) lacking in tool support. So, because we know this is an
>itch many people would like scratched, we've developed a basic
>tool-framework for the cocoon portal-engine.
>The idea behind the framework is that it should be easy to extend given and
>plug-in new management tools for the portal engine. This could be tools e.g.
>for user or coplet/layout management etc.
>The portal tools framework offers a plugin architecture which allows you
>easily to add new or remove 
>unnecessary tools.
>By using this architecture a developer can build step by step many small
>tools (plugins). The framework provides easy access to all necessary portal
>components and adds additional helpers e.g. for layout modifications. The
>tools use current Cocoon technologies like Flow, CForms and JXTemplates.
>As an example we've built a first plugin to configure the portal layout for
>the user (add/remove/move Tabs/Rows/Cols/Coplets) and some basic user
>management functionality.
>We have some documentation for the framework and the examples, too. Yes
>really :-)
>We would like donate the tool-framework to the cocoon project and we would
>be interested in comments as to whether anyone "out there" would be
>interested in this and if you think you would want to jump in and extend the
>given - basic - toolset.
>Kind regards
>Daniel Dost & Jens Maukisch
>Competence Center Open Source
> S&N AG              Tel.: 05251/1581-0
> netBank solutions   Fax : 05251/1581-71
> Klingenderstr. 5    <>
> D-33100 Paderborn
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