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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: Reseting and reusing of upload-widgets
Date Mon, 04 Oct 2004 15:30:19 GMT
On 04.10.2004 16:47, Björn Voigt wrote:

>>>> Moin,
>>>> i use an upload-widget (cocoon-2.1.5) in my cforms,
>>>> but I need it once more, but I cant set the value to
>>>> null to reset it for reuse.
>>>> setValue is not implemented and throws an exception.
>>>> It allready possible to reset it? If not, Is it possible
>>>> that you add an method like to
>>>> public void reset() {
>>>>     this.part = null;
>>>> }
>>> setValue() has been implemented: 
>>> But I guess 
>>> resetting it to null is not possible with the current implementation 
>>> as the instanceof test would fail.
>> I tried this dirty workaround the of the
>> cocoon- release and this seems to work, but is
>> with the current version of Upload a reset and reuse
>> possible?

IMO this is not a dirty workaround, but the way to go, especially when 
the binding is fixed (see the link to the referenced bug in bug 30270).

> Oh u r right, setValue(null) would be not a good Idea,
> is it possible to add a additional method for reseting ?

The setValue() should just be fixed to also accept null. All other 
widgets don't have reset() so why should have this one - though it's 
indeed a special widget?


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