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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject [RT] on betting the farm and "mainstreaming"
Date Sat, 16 Oct 2004 10:00:22 GMT
(not really an RT, these are just some thoughts on a Good Thing that 
happened a year ago)

At the GT we had talks with several people about how much the decision 
of last year, to make Cocoon Forms the mainstream forms library, was a 
good idea.

I'd just like to share this with you guys here, as I think it has made 
a big difference to the project, and applying it to other "grey areas" 
of Cocoon might help as well (I'm not thinking of any such grey area 
ATM, but others might see some).

A year ago we decided to bet the farm on Cocoon Forms as the mainstream 
way of doing forms, and now after one year we see many positive 
effects: people know what to use if they're not sure, we know where to 
put our efforts, and yet this hasn't prevented people from doing forms 
in other ways if they like, as the Chaeron success story at the GT has 

So I think "mainstreaming" the tools and technologies that we consider 
the most appropriate "in general" is a Good Thing, and at the same time 
we must not put any barriers for people to do things differently if 
they like - as long as *they* do the required work.

So: keep it up!


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