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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Questions to be answered for link request
Date Fri, 22 Oct 2004 10:03:23 GMT
H.vanderLinden wrote:
> Guys,
> I tend to enter the result of this discussion in Bugzilla, or maybe someone
> takes over and puts it directly in the docs, we'll see. For now I just want
> to do an inventory of questions we'd like to be answered in a link request.
> Here's a proposal for the text, [[ my comments between brackets ]]:
> How to get listed
> If you do not find your site here, make sure you tell us. Please follow the
> instructions below, or we will not be able to honor your request. 
> - Create an entry in Bugzilla following these instructions:
> [[which options to select?]]
> - Enter a summary like this: [Link] NameOfYourSite
> - In the comments, please answer the following questions:
> URL of the website:
> Cocoon version used:

Also explicitly the Name for the link anchor.

Also a short one-or-two-line description.

> Short summary of your site:

Is this to go on the web page? If so that is what i meant
by the above comment.

However, it might be good to have a description
where they provide more detail about their app.
How it works, how they built it, etc.

The act of them sending their contribution via Bugzilla
could be considered as a type of announcement to the
community. Their chance to show off and pay back.

> How can we verify this site is actually built with Cocoon?

I think it is good to ask them to tell us. Then we review it
and we would verify behind the scenes. I do various tests like
view-source and especially do 'head' which
usually shows cocoon version. Sometimes however, you just cannot

I too think we should only encourage the rest of the info, not insist.


> How much time did it take to build the site from design to publish?
> How many people were involved in the project?
> How many page hits per [[ what's a reasonable unit here? ]] does the site
> handle?
> What made you choose Cocoon to build the site?
> We would like to see this list grow bigger every day :-)
> [[ we should fit in the line above, but it's in great contrast with the
> first lines :-( ]]
> Bye, Helma

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