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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: VMWare host for us
Date Fri, 22 Oct 2004 02:56:37 GMT
Upayavira wrote:
> Bertrand Delacretaz wrote:
> > Upayavira a écrit :
> >
> >> ...If we have needs for running our own stuff, e.g. having the latest 
> >> Cocoon samples usable from the Cocoon website, we should make a 
> >> request to the infrastructure team for a VM for ourselves, as soon as 
> >> they have done the necessary hardware upgrades....
> >
> > If it's debian I'm willing to help setup and co-administer such a 
> > machine. Could also help with other distros but it's really debian 
> > that I know the best, and apt-get is a big plus assuming the admin 
> > would be shared between several people.
> Me too (debian that is).

Sounds like the way to me too.

So i gather that you are saying that we, Cocoon,
need a group of us who are committed to maintain
the operating system and supporting applications.
I am keen to help and learn.

A while ago there was another option discussed:
Mac OS X 10.3 Server
... AFAIK nobody yet took up the offer of running apps there.
There is an old gump there still.

Also we didn't yet investigate Stefano's suggestion of
sharing brutus with Apache Gump.

> > Having our own live Cocoon instance(s) could make all the difference 
> > in the way we do our docs, so if there's an opportunity I think we 
> > should make it happen.

Interesting co-incidence. We just started talking about
this again yesterday at Forrest. We had shelved plans
for live webapp and forrestbot until infrastructure
was more ready. Looking better soon.

> How much access these machines can handle I don't know - i.e. 
> infrastructure maintain minotaur at a level that can handle all of our 
> HTTP access to Whether a VM could handle hosting 
>, I don't know. But if we stuck Apache with mod_cache 
> in front, who knows?

Sounds like part of that discussion should happen over there.

> > BTW, where did you learn all this, is there a list that I'm missing? 
> > infrastructure@ ?
> infrastructure@. Sit on there and read. You'll learn a lot!

Yeah, it is great. Just like at any other Apache project,
one learns heaps just by being there.

While we are there, we can do our bit to help out
by answering some user questions. You know the drill.

Just like any other Apache project, Infrastructure is a
group of enthusiastic volunteers. We need help.

Only committers and invited guests can join. Anyone can
post so that they can report perceived problems.

David Crossley

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