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From Steven Noels <>
Subject Re: [RT] doco lite?
Date Wed, 27 Oct 2004 10:14:58 GMT
On 26 Oct 2004, at 20:46, Bertrand Delacretaz wrote:

> So I cannot refrain from sharing this idea, although I have no code to 
> back it up yet...

Similarly, however not even _hinting_ that this is something I'd want 
to push myself, your set of goals and techniques still somehow teased 
me in doing a cross-tabulation with Daisy features...

> G1. Generate our docs and website dynamically, directly from the SVN 
> repository accessed over http

Not from SVN, but publishing a website is definitely a feature.

> G2. Give access to older versions of the docs using standard SVN 
> mechanisms (tags etc)

Likewise, for individual documents. Making the publisher configurable 
so that one can say: "show me a website with this (version) field set 
to this value" could be possible though. It's hardcoded now to show the 
latest version, but one can navigate (per document) to older versions 

> G3. Index the latest version of the docs, including structured fields 
> (keywords, target audience, components mentioned, etc), to implement 
> "prepared queries" (as links, simply) to improve our docs' 
> accessibility

Oh yes. Metadata & queries. Show queries as documents. Dynamically 
include documents into other ones. Ditto for query results. Use queries 
in navigation.

> T1. Get content from SVN, editing is considered a separate problem

The default Daisy front-end app is definitely Wiki-like: authoring & 
publishing are one.... in a positive sense however: they share the same 
skinning system.

> T2. Build an index with Lucene, triggered via SVN post-commit hooks, 
> uses a live Cocoon instance to generate an easy to index XML document 
> for Lucene. Include metadata fields as mentioned in G2 above, 
> generated from (enhanced as compared to now) document content

We do Lucene indexing - and we add metadata field content to those 
indexes, so that documents about a certain keyword can be found even if 
the exact word doesn't exist in the document itself, only in the 

> T3. Generate pages using a live Cocoon instance, maybe Forrest. SVN 
> tags "pass through" the URLs to give access to older releases of the 
> docs.

See G2.

> T4. Use queries like "find all documents which talk about sitemap 
> matchers" to build navigation pages semi-automatically.

See G3.

Please mind: I do not want to push this or make this into some 
"competitive offer". Consider it a thought experience. I hate 
documentation stored in SVN/CVS with a passion, as much as I hate the 
dual documentation pools (xdocs/Wiki).

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