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From Damon Rand <>
Subject Re: Orbeon Presentation Server - OXF Rebuttal needed again?
Date Thu, 09 Sep 2004 10:49:09 GMT
Why the bitterness? Competition is a good thing. Personally I am happy
that OXF has been opensourced. It is a good solid product and its main
weakness was not being opensource.

Having used both OXF and Cocoon on several projects they are both good
and both different. I believe OXF started out from Norman Walsh's
pipeline definition.

The result is the almost complete eradication of java in the
presentation tier which is either a good or a bad thing depending on
your perspective. But the way I see it, it just means more choice for
web developers.

In some ways I find OXF is more like Struts than Cocoon -- I see it as
a way to bring my Struts colleagues across to XSLT pipelining rather
than as a replacement for Cocoon.

Looking through the comparison I cant find anything that is actually
untrue? I'm sure if there is anything specific then the Orbeon guys
will change it.


> > but I was just wondering if any of the Cocoon developers are interested
> > in taking a look at the current state of the comparison between their
> > Presentation Server and Cocoon and maybe come up with more accurate
> > descriptions of cocoons capabilities?
> Bah. I've seen that they changed it again: whenever they had to
> recognize that Cocoon had the very same (if not better) capabilities,
> they used the "limited" keyword. I see no way and no reason for them
> to come out with an accurate comparison, and their open sourcing seems
> to me the typical last resort they could think of. I would rather let
> them die the painful death they deserve.

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