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From Antonio Fiol BonnĂ­n <>
Subject Custom extensions - to be made available if possible
Date Thu, 09 Sep 2004 06:38:07 GMT

We have started developing two extensions for cocoon, and we would
like to know if the core team would be interested in getting them into
the trunk, and optionally in maintaining them in the future.

The extensions are:

- A transformer that connects via HTTP POST and sends its XML input to
the server, and returns the XML returned from the server to the

This is similar to the SOAP thing, but without the envelope, and with
a predefined (configured in the sitemap) URL.

- An extension to the Cocoon Lucene searching system (or something
different, yet pending design), so that non-XML content can also be
indexed. In particular, we are interested on PDF, but we are designing
it as generic as possible.

BTW, your opinion may be very valueble for the design. Let me explain
the two approaches we have thought of:

a) Refactoring SimpleLuceneXMLIndexerImpl so that its private method
indexDocument is not private, and taking it to an external component.

b) Creating a PDFGenerator (in the cocoon sense of generator, of course).

Option (a) seems to be giving us more headaches than pleasure, and
option (b) seems cleaner to a certain point. Option (b) would allow to
follow links in the PDF file, if developed to that point.

However, option (b) implies choosing a format for its output (which?),
and also poses some problems wrt. the sitemap. Until now, we have a
pipeline using a reader to read pdf files (static, from disk). And we
would need a generator to be invoked instead for the content and links
views. How can we do that? Maybe with a selector? But that does not
seem very clean. Any hints there?

Any other options?

Any general comments?

What about making these into the trunk once they are tested?

Yours sincerely,

Antonio Fiol

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