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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject Re: [ANN] runs on Cocoon!
Date Tue, 28 Sep 2004 06:08:52 GMT
Le 28 sept. 04, à 07:54, Stefano Mazzocchi a écrit :
> ...Also, the above seems to imply that you are writing your own 
> generators? or are you using XSP or what?

Yes, XSP all the way through...just kidding. It's MySQL, OJB, java 
code, Flowscript, XSLT, map:aggregate, CInclude and more XSLT, in order 
of appearance on stage.

To control the front-end cache I wrote a simple Action to set these 
HTTP headers as shown in my previous message, then I just add this to a 

                 <map:act type="http-cache-headers">
                     <map:parameter name="cache-validity-seconds" 
                     <map:parameter name="cache-info" value=""/>
                     <map:parameter name="page-info" 

To define how long to cache the page, and add some logging info to 
oversee the whole thing more easily.

Making the front-end cache validity dependent on the content would be 
very easy then.

> ...One approach that I recently thought to fix that is 'client-side 
> templating': basically you render the page with a bunch of empty <div> 
> or <span> tags with a specific ID, then you just link a javascript 
> file that gets called with <body onload=""> which calls a method that 
> sustributes all those tags with the right content, so the only 
> user-specific part of your page is the javascript file that can be 
> much faster to generate that the entire page (and can be completely 
> stateful)..

Great idea, keep the HTML stateless and generate just the tiny 
user-specific bits via javascript - which you can also cache with the 
same mechanism I guess.


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