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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject Re: [ANN] runs on Cocoon!
Date Mon, 27 Sep 2004 16:32:39 GMT
Le 27 sept. 04, à 09:12, Andreas Hartmann a écrit :

> ...Congratulations, it's a nice site and really fast!
> Are you allowed to talk about the implementation?

Thanks - sure I can talk, in fact I hope to be able to donate some 
components to Cocoon. 'll know more when the project is actually 
closed, which will take a few weeks: as you can see we had to cut a few 
corners to meet Saturdays deadline:

   $ find . -type f | grep -v CVS | xargs grep TODO | wc -l

The performance part comes mainly from the front-end apache2 mod_cache. 
Simply adding the right HTTP headers and making sure the content-length 
header is generated as well (by setting the buffering flag on the HTML 
serializer) allows the front -end cache to do its job very nicely.

This is what allows us to reach the 800 pages/second mark (tested from 
localhost, so theoretical, but still a nice figure) on this fairly fast 
Dell dual 3.6GHz server. It's got 2 GB of RAM and the JVM is configured 
to use 512MB, but runs nicely with much less on test servers.

On a cache miss, Cocoon needs about 500msec to generate a page, not bad 
considering that there are several aggregations, at least two CInclude 
stages and maybe 10 (mostly simple) XSLT transforms on the way. 
Currently we have put a fairly low caching lifetime on pages (30 
seconds only) as it was more convenient for initial testing, but we can 
easily raise it without stopping the system, should the need arise.

The database is a plain MySQL, out of the box, and on that side the OJB 
object cache handles the typical "write seldom, read often" usage 
pattern very nicely.

> The only thing I don't like on the first glance is the URI scheme :)

Why? You don't like it flat?

Document names like 50-2 deserve an explanation though: the TV show is 
organized by show number, so 50-2 means "the second subject of show 

Having short names is also a plus when you need to put URLs on TV, as 
in that case the show is very short (about 8 minutes) and its main goal 
is to bring people on the website, so they put the URLs on screen 
during the show.


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