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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject mega multivaluefield
Date Wed, 01 Sep 2004 11:53:26 GMT
Hi All

I am making a widget for CForms that allows you to populate a 
multivaluefield from a massive list of possible values.

The widget has an iframe that allows you to search and browse 24k 
records, any of which may be added to the multivaluefield.

We clearly wanted to avoid forcing CForms XSLT to process all 24k 
records ;)

The basic widget works, but the problem I face is that it is not 
'sticky', if there is a validation error in the form somewhere, the 
populated values get lost.

This is because multivaluefield only passes on the Values, not the 
Labels of the selected items, relying on comparing the selection-list 
with the Values to populate the list. So without a fully populated 
selection-list, it is not easy to re-populate the select control 

If I provide the populated selection-list, it all works fine, but is 
very slow !!!

I am looking for a workaround, but would gratefully accept any 
suggestions from anyone who may have delt with this issue before.

Thanks for any suggestions.

regards Jeremy


                   If email from this address is not signed
                                 IT IS NOT FROM ME

                         Always check the label, folks !!!!!

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