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From Ralph Goers <>
Subject Re: Authentication
Date Thu, 23 Sep 2004 20:53:56 GMT
Sorry this is late. I've been on vacation.

JAAS is just a framework, it doesn't actually do any authentication of its 
own.  The "advantage" you get with JAAS is that it supposedly allows you to 
integrate it with multiple applications.  In practice this isn't so easy.

I am using JAAS behind Cocoon's authentication framework, but I am not 
using JAAS for authorization. I found that it didn't make a lot of 
sense.  Frankly, after doing it I'm not sure the authentication part does 


At 9/20/2004  09:03 AM, you wrote:
>The cocoon authentication framework allows you to use an authenticator 
>class.  Why can't you just plug JAAS into this class and have the best of 
>both worlds?
>Jennifer Yip wrote:
>>Sorry guys - just came out of a long meeting on Security / Authentication 
>>and the question raised was:
>>Is J2EE or JAAS container managed security better than that found in the 
>>cocoon (portal) authentication framework?
>>Any help appreciated before this meeting continues in the morning

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