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From Ralph Goers <>
Subject RE: Portal navigation items
Date Fri, 03 Sep 2004 03:58:15 GMT
I modified TabContentAspect as was discussed yesterday.  I was able to 
generate the sub-navigation and the urls however, when I try to select them 
they don't work.  Just for testing I modified the code to call 
processLayout for every tab - not just the one selected.  As you would 
expect, this generated a single page containing the whole website.  I then 
tried selecting one of the sub-nav items from a different page and again it 
didn't work.

While testing I noticed that when I entered the url for the sub nav it was 
marked with selected=true.  However, the parent tab was not selected!  The 
selected tab was still the initial page (or whatever page I was on when I 
selected the sub-nav).  The implication is that when directly selecting a 
sub-nav item all of its ancestors must also be marked as selected (at least 
that's what I think).  Unfortunately, I haven't figured out how all the 
event handling stuff works yet, except that I'm guessing that 
RequestParameterEventAspect is somewhere in the picture.

I'd appreciate your advice on where to look next.


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