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From Ugo Cei <>
Subject CForms' shortcomings
Date Thu, 09 Sep 2004 16:00:20 GMT
Don't get me wrong, I love CForms, but there are some problems WRT 
usability of the generated HTML pages.

CForms gives you some very nice features, like repeaters and attaching 
scripts to widgets to be executed on the server when some event happens 
(see the Carselector sample).

But when you start using those features, you run into usability 
problems due to the fact that those events are handled on the server 
and so require a client-server roundtrip and, what is most painful, a 
full redraw of the GUI.

Whenever you form is so large as to require vertical scrolling, every 
time the GUI is redrawn, you lose focus and lose the vertical scroll 

If you click the back button, you aren't sent to the page before the 
form, but to the version of the form before the handling of the event.

If you click the reload button, the browser asks you if you want to 
resend your POST request (try to explain this to your customer).

This really sucks!

Actually the problems are not CForms' fault, but HTTP's, as we all 
know. HTTP just wasn't designed to handle these kinds of use-cases.

We could turn to some proprietary technologies for a solution (XAML, 
XUL, Flash, ...), wait for a usable XForms implementation or use Java 
applets (brrrr). Or we could use something that is cool, available now 
and a de-facto standard. I mean, something like XMLHTTPRequest [1].

In order to show what I mean, I decided to create a small sample, so I 
just committed a modified carselector sample in the trunk. It's not 
linked from the samples page, but you can find it at 
<http://localhost:8888/samples/blocks/forms/xhr_carselector>. I hope 
you agree with me that it's much better, usability-wise, than the 
original carselector.

I think CForms should include some kind of support for this, in order 
to make is as easy as the current methods are, and if you agree with 
me, you are welcome to try and make this happen.

Caveat: the sample works with Mozilla (1.6) and Safari (1.2) but not 
with IE. I haven't got a Windows machine and even if I had one, I 
wouldn't know where to start debugging javascript code, so I hope some 
Windows user will kindly provide a fix. Shouldn't be hard.



Ugo Cei -
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