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From Reinhard Poetz <>
Subject Block deployer - first draft in SVN
Date Sat, 25 Sep 2004 12:28:29 GMT

(don't know why there are no commit messages - maybe they will be sent
later ...) I started to implement the block deployer library. I want to
share my work in this early stage to make it possible for others to
review and join my efforts.

This library is currently only used in a few JUnit tests but in the
future it can (and hopefully will) be the base for all deployment tools
like a command line deployer, an Ant task, an Eclipse wizard, a
deployment server application, ...

Some (random) information:

- Any feedback is welcome!

- Any contributions are welcome! This is NOT my personal

- I use this project to learn more about unit testing
   and so (nearly) the complete API is covered by unit tests
   based on Junit and Easymock.

   If you check-in code make sure that you do not break
   the unit tests! Simply run "ant junit" (make sure
   that you put junit.jar into your ant/lib directory)

   If you write Unit tests pls use Easymock instead of
   writing mock classes.

- I want to support Java 1.3 because I don't see any
   reason why it shouldn't be possible. Altough I use
   Java 1.4 I will check now and then
   whether it still compiles and runs with JDK 1.3.

- If somebody wants to join and doesn't know what he can
   do, writing the command line client (which probably
   covers large parts of the Ant task) would be a good
   starting point.

- Building the docs with Forrest (revision 47089 which
   is a checkout from a few days ago) works well for me.

- .project and .classpath  should make an import in Eclipse


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