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From Sylvain Wallez <>
Subject Re: Widget states: let's do it (was Re: CForms making widgets invisible)
Date Fri, 24 Sep 2004 09:07:58 GMT
Antonio Gallardo wrote:

>Hunsberger, Peter dijo:
>>Sylvain Wallez <> writes:
>>>Yes, that a problem we already have to face today if e.g. a required
>>>widget is not present in the form template.
>I think this is an application bug an we cannot take care of that in the
>definition. ;-) See below....
>>>Some ideas about this problem?
>>Yes; why would you ever do validation on a field that the user cannot
>>If a field is hidden but not included on the form the user cannot
>>(normally) change it.  If there is some JavaScript that updates it, it
>>is up to the developer to make sure that only valid values come back.
>>(Hand crafted POSTS are not something that can be solved by validation
>>so forget about them for the moment.)  IOW, the only time you do
>>validation is if the values that can be returned by the widget can be
>>entered by the end user.
>>A side comment is that much of this sounds like a mixing of concerns.
>>Presentation and validation should pretty much be separated, use two
>>different flags if you want to allow for turning validation off and on
>>and don't mix it with the presentation state.
>>	formInclusion = normal | disabled | hidden | notIncluded
>>	validation = true | false
>>Where validation defaults to false if formInclusion is not normal. (And
>>here I use hidden because it means exactly what you would expect as a
>>normal HTML author...)
>I like this new attributes. Another thing to be done is discuss where we
>will include this (I expect optionals atrributes - to not break
>I also think we can find a better names:
>formInclusion --> show, render, presentation, view, [fill a new name]
>notIncluded -->  Excluded
>validation --> validate

Ok, maybe the "phantom" state isn't a good idea after all. But I still 
consider that "hidden" is a view concern since it has no impact on the 
request processing.

Now I have a problem with separating state and validation: what does it 
mean if an active widget has validate="false". Does it mean that we 
allow the user to validate a form where she has input invalid data? 
Doesn't seem good to me...


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