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From Sylvain Wallez <>
Subject Re: grouping fb:values in fb:context tag
Date Wed, 22 Sep 2004 21:38:21 GMT
Michal Stochmialek wrote:

>Two binding codes:
>  <fb:value id="manager-firstname" path="manager/firstname"/>
>  <fb:value id="manager-name" path="manager/name"/>
>  <fb:value id="manager-title" path="manager/title/nameEn"/>
>  <fb:context path="manager">
>    <fb:value id="manager-firstname" path="firstname"/>
>    <fb:value id="manager-name" path="name"/>
>    <fb:value id="manager-title" path="title/nameEn"/>
>  </fb:context>
>At first sight two above codes are semanticly the same,
>but they're at fact different! The problem appeared when
>I was reloading form, when model externaly was changed.
>0) manager and its propeties are set to not-null values
>1) (first load) all three (manager-*) widgets are set to some strings
>2) model is externaly changed, manager reference is set to null
>3) (second load) (here above codes behave different)
>  code [1]:  all value of manager-* are set to null
>  code [2]:  any value of manager-* widget isn't changed
>This looks like a bug... or am I missing something?

Mmmh... What happens here is that in [1], the path corresponding to each 
of the widgets doesn't exist and therefore their values are set to null, 
whereas in [2] the children of <fb:context> are not executed because the 
context path does not exist.

I don't know if that can really be considered as a bug, as a form is 
normally intended to be loaded only once. Why do you reload it? Can't 
you use a new fresh form instance?


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