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From Reinhard Poetz <>
Subject Changes in Rhino-cont implementation
Date Tue, 21 Sep 2004 13:45:52 GMT
Sylvain Wallez wrote:

> Igor Bukanov wrote:
>> It is hard to implement catch(continue|break|return) correctly. For 
>> example, what should happen if an exception is thrown during the 
>> execution of code there or what if continuation is captured/restored 
>> inside the catch block? Depending on the situation the version in 
>> Cocoon would either throw an exception or go into infinite loop. 
>> AFAICS respecting "finally" has rather simple answers in all those 
>> corner cases and that is why I put efforts to implement it rather the 
>> catch blocks.
>> For compatibility a special mode can be added in principle to Rhino 
>> from with support for arguments.continuation and 
>> catch(...) with the clear marks about deprecation (unless, of cause, 
>> it is possible to implement the constructions simply and efficiently 
>> - then no deprecation!). But my continuation curiosity does not 
>> spread far enough to create such patch.
> "arguments.continuation", AFAIK was never documented publicly, so we 
> can safely forget about it. For the special catch syntaxes, there will 
> be some compatibility problems as many people are likely to have used 
> it. But since the use of "finally" seems to allow the same kind of 
> behaviour with a simpler syntax and a clearly specified semantics, I 
> think it is our job, we cocooners, to prepare our user base to this 
> change and give them directions to upgrade their scripts.

I think we should deprecate this syntax in the next Cocoon 2.1.x release 
and in Cocoon 2.2 we can use the new Rhino continuations implementation 
- this also gives us more time for testing.


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