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From Sylvain Wallez <>
Subject Re: cforms: add initialize widgets stage?
Date Thu, 09 Sep 2004 13:46:52 GMT
Tim Larson wrote:

>A little context first:
>I was working with the union widget and decided to change the
>case id lookup to use lookupWidget(path) so it could reference
>widgets at other levels in the widget tree ("../../somewidget".)
>While implementing this I found that this lookup needs to happen
>after all the setParent(widget) calls have happened (after the
>widget tree has been fully built) or the lookup can fail.
>Because widgets are not currently notified when tree building is
>finished, there was no place to plug in this lookupWidget() call,
>so I added initialize() to the Widget interface and added code to
>the form manager, AbstractContainerWidget, etc. to propagate a
>notification so I would have a place to initialize union widgets.
>Now I realize I could have instead used a lazy lookup when the
>case widget is first referenced, and I wonder if I should strip
>out the initialize() code or if it would help a use case anyone
>else has. WDYT?

I started implementing an "on-create" event listener, but failed on that 
same problem, as the whole form must be in a consistent state before 
that event can be fired, because the event listener can potentially 
reference any other widget.

So your initialize() stuff could be a solution to finish the 
implementation of create-event. However, that event must also be fired 
when a widget is creater later during the life for the form, e.g. when a 
new repeater row is created. So initialize() must also be called in that 


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