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From Upayavira>
Subject Re: Custom extensions - to be made available if possible
Date Thu, 09 Sep 2004 08:30:49 GMT
Antonio Fiol BonnĂ­n wrote:

>We have started developing two extensions for cocoon, and we would
>like to know if the core team would be interested in getting them into
>the trunk, and optionally in maintaining them in the future.
>The extensions are:
>- A transformer that connects via HTTP POST and sends its XML input to
>the server, and returns the XML returned from the server to the
>This is similar to the SOAP thing, but without the envelope, and with
>a predefined (configured in the sitemap) URL.
>- An extension to the Cocoon Lucene searching system (or something
>different, yet pending design), so that non-XML content can also be
>indexed. In particular, we are interested on PDF, but we are designing
>it as generic as possible.
>BTW, your opinion may be very valueble for the design. Let me explain
>the two approaches we have thought of:
>a) Refactoring SimpleLuceneXMLIndexerImpl so that its private method
>indexDocument is not private, and taking it to an external component.
>b) Creating a PDFGenerator (in the cocoon sense of generator, of course).
>Option (a) seems to be giving us more headaches than pleasure, and
>option (b) seems cleaner to a certain point. Option (b) would allow to
>follow links in the PDF file, if developed to that point.
>However, option (b) implies choosing a format for its output (which?),
>and also poses some problems wrt. the sitemap. Until now, we have a
>pipeline using a reader to read pdf files (static, from disk). And we
>would need a generator to be invoked instead for the content and links
>views. How can we do that? Maybe with a selector? But that does not
>seem very clean. Any hints there?
>Any other options?
>Any general comments?
How are your PDFs generated? Are they generated by Cocoon? If so, you 
should index the raw data, before you serialize to PDF.

Just a thought.


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